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12 Inch Mobile Phone Screen Magnifier 3D HD Video Amplifier Smartphone Stand for Android IOS


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F12 mobile phone screen amplifier is a 12-inch large-screen mobile phone screen amplifier with Bluetooth audio. The lens adopts Fresnel optical Alec high-definition lens, which makes the viewing effect vivid and full of three-dimensional sense. The F12 mobile phone screen amplifier adds a Bluetooth sound with a shock film, which solves the problem of low phone sound. Whether you are watching TV or listening to songs, you can always experience the high and low sound effects of the cinema shock film audio at any time. The F12 mobile phone screen amplifier has a personalized function that can be installed with a lazy bracket, and a fixed clip is designed at the mobile phone card position of the amplifier. The fixed clip can clip a mobile phone with a screen within 6 inches. The fixed clip needs to be enabled when used with the lazy bracket. Prevent the phone from falling.