14Inch Photo Studio lighting LED RGB Ring Light Bulbs 36cm

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▶ Usb interface / 5V power supply Ringlight Rainbow 36cm RGB Light TikTok youtube The latest product Rainbow ringlight This latest ring light is very suitable for your Live streamer, to be the first to wait for this ringlight. The ringlight has 10 + + more color settings, the color can be changed 2 according to its desire. The ringlight is especially suitable for users, giving different color ambience.

Color settings options: ☑️ White Light. ☑️ Warm White Light. ☑️ Orange Light. ☑️ Yellow Light. ☑️ Purple Light. ☑️ Cyan Light. ☑️ Pulse Pattern ☑️ Segment Pattern ☑️ Circle color Pattern. ☑️ Colourfull Pattern ☑️ Rainbow Pattern. ☑️ Red color Running Pattern.

$149.00 $189.00


36CM RGB Rainbow Ring Light TRIPOD 2.1M RGB Ringlight Ringlight and TRIPOD sell separately, but can order along with TRIPOD 2.1m.

▶ Product name: RGB Ring Light

▶ 14 inches / 36cm

▶ Color temperature: 3000-6000K-Colorful light

▶ Power: 30W