OTG Cable / On The Go Cable / Micro USB OTG Cable / Attach To Pendrive, Mouse, Keyboard, Card Reader – Black

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  • Create a simple way to connect mobile devices to a USB capable computer for every day tasks such as data synchronization and file transfers.
  • This USB Host adapter cable allows you to connect a USB memory stick, a USB memory card reader, BUT please note some standard USB devices may not function if they consume too much power.
  • Works On Only OTG Compatibe Android Device.( Please Check Compatibility Before Buying this Product )
  • Supports Android v4.0 and above
  • For Micro USB Android Device

$8.00 $15.00


For unlimited connectivity, check out the Micro USB OTG Pen Drive USB Host Cable Wire for Mobile Phones. Designed to help you be connected with all your minor devices, this wire is compatible with those gadgets that are Micro USB OTG supported devices. With the micro USB OTG Pen Drive USB Host Cable Wire for Tablets you can easily transfer all of your favourite music, movies, videos, images, as well as important data files like spreadsheets, MS Word documents, etc. with ease on to your phone. So, if you’re looking to explore the potential of your phone or tablet, the Micro USB OTG Pen Drive USB Host Cable Wire is the choice for you. Superior Technology Micro USB OTG Cable is an excellent way for you to unleash the potential of your tablet or phone.