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Marke: GDLite


GDLITE GD-8017 Solar Lighting System Kit portable solar lighting system, which can be used for emergencies or just in the outdoors.
It can provide power for all kinds of low voltage electrical appliances, such as automobile electric appliances, DC LEDs, mobile phone’s and digital products to name a few.
With complete functions, simple operation, no complex installation, plug and play. The GDLITE GD-8017 Solar Lighting System Kit is a solar-powered lighting system designed to recharge in daylight and then provide light after dark.

The GDLITE KIT consists of one solar panel, three LED bulbs, and one charger. Ideal for security, safety, and load-shedding purposes, the 3W LED bulbs to provide bright light for up to 12 hours when fully charged (depending on charge status).

In the box you’ll find:
Handy light (1 x unit).
1 x AC wire.
1 x Solar Panel.
3 x LED lights.
1x 10-in-1 USB charging cable.

Broad Voltage Range 110-240,50/60hz.
Using 9V/3-7w Solar Panel (Max input Less Than 7w).
Charging Time 10-12h.
DC 6V Output.

Easy to use.
USB output function to charge your mobile phone in case of emergency.
10 in 1 USB charging cable, multi charger included.
3x LED bulbs with switch for convenient lighting.
For a quick emergency response, a built-in LED emergency light.


Light source and working time (after fully charged).
1 LED bulb (approx. 30 hours) – 120 LM.
2 LED lamp (about 15 hours) – 120 LM.
3 LED lamp (approx. 12 hours) – 120 LM.
Built-in 1W LED lamp (about 13 hours).
USB output (about 3-4 hours).